The Bridge : Turn On. Tune In. Listen Local.

Here is a look at the creative essence of a brand’s identity. Being as we’re music freaks, the opportunity to brand The Bridge was a dream project. The listener-supported radio station is fully committed to supporting the local music scene and promoting local bands. We worked side by side with our good friend, and partner, Davey Gant, an extremely talented artist based here in KC. While we had Davey stretching out conceptually, exploring all aspects and expressions around the idea of “local,” we had several free-form mind jams of our own, eventually turning Timothy Leary’s infamous counter-culture slogan on its ear as the new mantra for The Bridge: “Turn On. Tune In. Listen Local.” We incorporated Davey’s radical artwork into brand elements such as T-shirts, stationery, website, hand-painted elements throughout the studio, and lots of promotional swag. The logo design has been accepted and welcomed as a community emblem for all things involved in the local music scene. When in doubt, “Turn On. Tune In. Listen Local.” You’ll be sure to find a new music fave.

The Bridge Brand Ideation Illustrations

The Bridge Business System


The Bridge Brand Launch Swags

The Bridge In Studio – The Nationals